The Heart of Texas
A testimony of faith, compassion and forgiveness.

This was the official site for the documentary, The Heart of Texas, which gives the viewer a testimony of faith, compassion and forgiveness. It is a story of one man, Grover Norwood, who is always willing to help everyone and always looking for projects. He encounters a praying man named Ulice Parker and these two men’s lives become entangled for the rest of their lives. Many viewers expressed the opinion that this story will change lives and the way people think when it comes to compassion and forgiveness.
Content is from the site's 2009 - 2010 archived pages, as well as from other outside sources.


Company: Media Tech Inc
Writer: Dan Patrick
Director: Mitchell Wright
Producer: Blake Pilgreen
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 60 min.
Release Date: 2008, November 1
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Narrator: Carl Williams


The Heart of Texas Christian Movie Trailer(Documentary 60 minutes)
When tragedy pierces the heart of a small community on the quiet Texas plains, its townspeople witness what can happen when grace and forgiveness triumph over anguish and outrage.
Against the clamorous traffic of our crowded lives, a story of such tender mercy can seem more of a work of fiction or a wishful tale... yet every moment of this unbelievable story is true!


When heartbreak strikes a small community on the tranquil plains of south Texas, one family chooses an extraordinary and far-reaching path of forgiveness that the world has never seen. To many, this contemporary story will seem like fiction, but every amazing detail…is completely true.

What Others are Saying

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Ah, but I digress. Regarding the Heart of Texas, hey, what can I say other than I highly recommend it. If you want a real example of what real people can do, then see this movie. There is nothing better than a true story.
T Phillips / NYC

"So seldom do you find a story that is so heartbreaking, and yet so up-lifting. The Heart of Texas is an astonishing film that everyone should see."
Josh D. McDowell
Author and Speaker

"The Heart of Texas provides a cinematic experience that will last long after the viewing, a true tale of loss and redemption that will become a part your life."

Ron Maxwell
Writer-Director of Gettysburg and Gods & Generals
"I loved this story the first time I saw incredible documentary on the awesome power of God's love that everyone needs to see."

Chuck Norris
Actor/Producer/Author of the N.Y.Times Bestseller Blackbelt Patriotism

"Down through history, human beings have been wired for stories of sacrifice, courage, redemption and forgiveness. Every man, woman and child has been created with soul-strings running through their lives that reverberate with meaning and power when plucked by certain stories. The Heart of Texas is one of those stories, an unforgettable miracle that would seem almost unbelievable -- if it were not 100 percent true. Don't miss this story. Let it change your life."
Brian Bird, Co-Executive Producer of Touched By An Angel

"An unforgettable story of forgiveness."
Michael Landon, Jr. Director/Producer

"Forgiveness is the beginning of the journey Christians take toward spiritual transformation. This movie gives us a clear glimpse of taking the possible and making it the actual. It's a must see!"
Dr. Larry Crabb, Best-selling Author and Speaker

"My wife and I wept with joy as we watched this wonderful film. This is a film that will bring hope to America".
Dr. Rick Scarborough, Pastor & Founder of Vision America

"Watch this Film. It will change your life!"
Reggie Dabbs, Author, Motivational Speaker

"This story will move your heart, change your life, and give you hope in the potential for true redemption in a fallen world."
Greg Stier, President, Dare2Share Ministries




1. Best Documentary, WorldFest International Film Festival, 2009
2. Best Texas Film, WorldFest International Film Festival, 2009
3. Best of Show (Grand Remi Award), WorldFest International Film Festival, 2009
4. Best Feature Film, Castle Rock Film Festival 2009
5. Redemptive Storyteller Award Winner Redemptive Film Festival 2009
6. Best Feature Film Winner! Kingdomwood Film Festival 2009
7. Official Selection: Thin Line Film Festival 2010
8. Official Selection: Projecting Hope Film Festival 2009
9. Official Selection: Indie Spirit Film Festival, 2010
10.Official Selection: Gideon Media Arts Film Festival, 2010
11. Official Selection: Faith Film Festival, New York, 2010




To call this a “movie” is an insult to this magnificent story! No movie, on a contemporary practical level, has come close to generating a comparable impact. It deserves a new category all its own. After viewing it, nearly 24 hours later I’m still stunned as to the power of love from which forgiveness originates. May this story be told and seen throughout the world who desperately needs to know! Dale, Sacramento, CA

If only Hollywood could turn out real deep heartfelt movies like this! I am a big tough construction worker who never cries and who has three daughters. I cried like a baby. Came out of the theater and bought ten copies to give away. America needs movies like this. Robert, Houston TX.

What a story, I was drained afterwards. I went home, held my kids and reflected on what I just saw. God is great and I am so blessed!! Thanks for sharing such a story. Jim, Katy, TX.
Everyone needs to see this movie! It will change the way you think
forever! Awesome! Denise, Houston, TX

This movie was a very powerful, warm, up lifting experience for my soul. 
Sandra, Fulshear TX

My husband purchased this movie and we watched it together last night; this has to be the most amazing true-story that I have ever come across...
Ellen, Santa Fe, TX

What a watershed production!  This story cuts to the core of what is necessary for real communication to exist between all peoples.  A simple act of forgiveness, repeated over and over again, will set us all free to really live our lives and see the actions of others for what they are.  This film revealed to me that the emotional baggage and hurt that I've carried around for years is easily disposed of if I choose to do that.  Thank you for creating this DVD to share this story with others.  I am buying a copy as a gift for each of my family members and will share it with anyone else who cares to hear the message. Jim, Cypress, TX 



IMDb User Review


Highly recommended
10/10 stars 2 May 2009 | by rdfast
An incredible story of Grace and Forgiveness and Mercy that is uncommon in society today. I have known Grove Norwood for many years and he is as genuine as they come. He is compassionate and caring about his fellow man. When life's circumstances have you down or you think you cannot go on, you learn from this story that there is a source of power and strength out there that can provide you with all that you need in order to withstand any ordeal. This story, if taken to heart, can and will change your life! I highly recommend this story to anybody and personally loved it. It is a modern day story of love and sacrifice that is truly supernatural in its unfolding.


Fans of The Heart of Texas have sorely missed this informative website. I was introduced to the film and this site by a neighbor who had moved to my Baltimore neighborhood from Maine. My New England neighbors stayed only a year before they moved abroad. I believe I repaid their recommendation with a different recommendation of my own considering the effusive thank you email I received six months later. They were looking for local Baltimore movers who pack that could handle an international move. I suggested Von Paris Moving & Storage which is a well regarded moving company right here in Baltimore. Their email said that Von Paris couldn't have been more helpful on their complicated move. I think its a no brainer to recognize that international relocations take a great deal of time and effort to coordinate and often require two to three months or more of preparation and planning for that overseas move. Well apparently their move was not a nightmare and they were now living in Great Britain. We both commiserated over the demise of the Meeting House journal, but felt we were lucky to have enjoyed it anyway for several years. The content herein is a nostalgic reminder.



The Heart Of Texas
DVD Release Date: March 1, 2009
$25.00 on Amazon


***** Junior E. Nelson
 November 17, 2013
The Heart of Texas, christian movie of forgiveness.
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
This is the second time I have purchased this DVD, that's how much I loved it! The first time, I gave it to a friend to watch and it was no more, never to return. So I had to buy it again. A totally awesome documentary above love and forgiveness.


A must see !!!
April 12, 2016
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
What an amazing work! I personally know the folks in this film, and it is the most powerful story of forgiveness I have ever heard. And it led to an even more powerful ministry that is spreading not only through Texas, but to many other states. A must see!


Virgil Dix
Unbelievable Story of the Power of Forgiveness
April 17, 2014
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
This is a story of the power of forgiveness going beyond just two families and changing an entire community. I saw a film clip of this movie on a Christian TV station and I knew I had to purchase it for my film library. I was not disappointed. This is one of my most treasured DVD's. It will be passed around to our friends and family for years to come. The power of God in one family turned tragedy into miraculous moving of God's Spirit in hundreds of families.


JR Richards
that's how much I loved it! The first time
April 6, 2015
Format: DVDVerified Purchase


The Heart Of Texas
DVD Release Date: March 1, 2009
$25.00 on Amazon


***** John from Stockton, CA
Wonderful Inspiration Story
April 27, 2009
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
This move is a must see. No matter what your belief is you will be inspired by this wonderful story. This is the type of movie that really makes you look at your own life to think about how would you react in this situation. This also won 3 major award at the worlds largest film festival including Best Documentary and The Jury Award (2nd best overall film) [...].
See this movie and share the story with friends.


*****  Muriel L. Walburn
Best movie about forgiveness
August 1, 2015
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
Best movie about forgiveness....I keep passing it along to others. Received in a timely manner. Glad to know I can make this purchase again.


this is a movie that will change your life in ...
August 21, 2015
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
this is a movie that will change your life in so many ways. I am lending it to my Pastor, that he can preach a sermon on grace and forgiveness. Have a tissue ready.


***** Ann Harris
A sad but unforgettable story of how a tragedy can turn ...
April 21, 2016
Format: DVDVerified Purchase
A sad but unforgettable story of how a tragedy can turn into a triumph when we keep our eyes on God.